What do your neighbors say about the Druid Hills Patrol?

"My wife and I have been on vacation/meeting travel this week, and left a notice for DHP before we left. During that time our Ring system has notified us repeatedly of someone at our home and almost always it was one of the patrol officers. We so appreciate your service and your attention to our home this past week." - Len Lichtenfeld, East Clifton Road

"The Druid Hills Patrol is an essential part of our neighborhood for many reasons. The obvious benefit of having dedicated eyes on our homes and property is clear, but the added value of traffic calming, vacation checks and Police support are services that contribute to increased property values and give us added peace of mind. The more neighbors that join, the more enhanced the DHP services can become. Thanks, Druid Hills Patrol, for the job well done and the commitment you have made to us." - Charles Calhoun, Springdale Road

“Thanks very much. I am LOVING the DHP for making me feel secure since my move to Atlanta!” - Judith Kerr, Lullwater Place

"The recent reorganization of the Patrol has been incredible. Their visibility in the neighborhood with the easily identifiable Patrol car has been a real plus. I recently took advantage of notifying the Patrol when I was on vacation so my house could be checked carefully while I was gone.” - Joanna Stroud, Springdale Road

“I think that the Patrol appears to be heading in an excellent direction and appreciate the efforts of the officers and volunteer team. There is definitely heightened visibility. And the information coming to Patrol members is very helpful. Someday I hope that the City and County police departments reach the point where they can provide sufficient community policing but until then we seem to need private Patrols.” - Alida Silverman, Oakdale Road

“I always feel better going on trips knowing that the Patrol will be checking up on my house while I am gone, and I appreciate the report I get upon my return. I also appreciate the updates on what is going on in the neighborhood.” - Joan Dokson, Oakdale Road

“Druid Hills has needed a more concentrated neighborhood-driven emphasis on the Druid Hills Patrol for a long time. A concerned core group of our community appear to have taken a leadership role in addressing the safety concerns of Druid Hills. This thoughtful overhaul has been long overdue. I think the potential for the Patrol is huge. If we could just increase participation and funding to create a Patrol that truly represents all of us, we could begin to fund many more important projects. I am interested in increasing the Patrol to 24 hour surveillance.” - Mark Holzberg, Oakdale Road

“Many thanks for looking in on our house while we were away recently for 11 days. We very much appreciated the peace of mind we got from the officers' daily reports, particularly in light of the fact that the house directly across the street from us was burglarized in the past month. Your services were also invaluable because the AJC mistakenly delivered our newspapers every day we were away even though they had our hold request in their computer system. Your officers put the papers along with a package on our back porch.” - Melinda and Phil Holladay, Oakdale Road