About Us

The Druid Hills Patrol is a nonprofit 501(c)(4) organization, managed by community volunteers, whose mission is to make Druid Hills a SAFER community.

• All of our officers are off-duty City of Atlanta and DeKalb County Police officers. They patrol our neighborhood wearing full police uniform and carrying all standard equipment, including radios, handcuffs and weapons. 

• DHP officers maintain direct two-way communication with 911 and monitor police radio for both jurisdictions to listen for criminal activity in Druid Hills.

• DHP officers have emergency response capability and full powers to arrest. They are managed by our Officer-in-Charge, Atlanta Police Captain Tony Singh, and patrol in our clearly marked DHP vehicle, which is equipped with police lights, horn and megaphone.

• Unlike police department beat officers, DHP officers do not have to leave our area to respond to calls in other areas.  Their ONLY assignment is to deter crime in the DHP coverage area and monitor police radio for emergencies in Druid Hills. When they are on patrol in the neighborhood, they usually respond faster than DKPD or APD officers. 

• DHP officers provide vacation visits to members' homes and document their visits.  If they need to contact the homeowner about circumstances on the property, they have the ability to do so at the time of their visit.

• Upon request, they will perform detailed home security assessments for members to highlight security vulnerabilities and recommend corrective action.

If a member suffers a theft or break-in, our officers serve as advocates with the police department to ensure that the member receives the follow-up and attention s/he needs. 

Druid Hills Patrol and Police Departments Overlap
The Druid Hills Patrol coverage area overlaps with two police jurisdictions: 
Atlanta Police Department, Zone 6, Beat 608 and DeKalb Police Department, North Central precinct, Beat 220.

View the APD and DKPD beat maps (links below) and consider that for both departments, ONE officer is assigned to patrol the entire beat AND respond to 911 calls such as car accidents, burglaries, robberies, assaults, domestic violence, etc.

Clink on the links below to view the following. 

DHP Map 
List of Streets Patrolled by DHP 

Atlanta Police Department Zone 6 Beat 608 MAP
Atlanta Police Zone 6 Map
Crime Map Druid Hills Atlanta

DeKalb County Police Department North Central Territory 220 MAP
DeKalb County Police Department North Central Precinct MAP
Crime Map Druid Hills DeKalb

DHP Membership Dues
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Memberships renew on January 1, and dues are billed in November for the following year.
New memberships initiated later in the year are prorated for the current year. 

NOTE: The Druid Hills Patrol is funded almost entirely by member dues. We also accept donations and welcome sponsorships. Please visit the Contribute or Sponsor page to learn more. 

Contact Us
Druid Hills Patrol
P.O. BOX 15405
Atlanta, GA 30333

Voicemail for patrol officers: 404-373-1060 
Email: [email protected]