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Property Type  Single Family Home Condo/Townhouse Business
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Memberships renew on January 1, and dues are billed in November for the following year.
New memberships initiated later in the year are prorated for the current year. 

NOTE: The Druid Hills Patrol is funded almost entirely by member dues. We also accept donations and welcome sponsorships. Please visit the Contribute or Sponsor page to learn more. 

DHP Expenses

The DHP is a nonprofit 501(c)(4) organization managed by a group of volunteers who are your neighbors. We strive to be transparent to the membership.
Dues cover only the costs of operating the patrol but running a membership service organization like the DHP is more complex than one might expect. Some tasks must be managed by service providers with specialized expertise, and there are numerous operating expenses beyond officer payroll and vehicle outlay.  


  • Salaries for patrol officers, officer-in-charge, accountant, part-time administrator, and part-time bookkeeper
  • Vehicle, vehicle customization (decals, police lights, and horn, etc.), fuel and maintenance, automobile insurance, and registration
  • Online membership platform that provides technology customized for small nonprofits, including website maintenance, membership database, billing, email, information security, and technology support for members 
  • Mobile phone for officer use
  • Payroll taxes, business registration fees, bank fees for patrol officers’ payroll, and membership payment fees
  • Liability insurance for organization/volunteer board members (the police officers are covered by their jurisdictions)
  • Membership yard signs and recruitment signs
  • Office supplies, printing, and postage, marketing materials

Any questions should be directed to [email protected].

Contact Us
Druid Hills Patrol
P.O. BOX 15405
Atlanta, GA 30333

Voicemail for patrol officers: 404-373-1060 
Email: [email protected]