More protection than security systems and dogs 

Alarm systems do not deter most criminals because they know there will be a delay before police arrive on scene. 

Also, electronic security systems only alert the homeowner and police AFTER an intruder has already entered a structure.

Security systems don’t protect you when the system is disarmed. Nor do they provide protection when you or your children are in your yard.

Alarm systems without motion or window sensors allow windows as entry points as well as entry without detection. 

Cameras and Ring doorbells can be useful to alert residents to prowlers, but often they only provide video documentation AFTER a crime has been committed. 

Dogs are not adequate protection against armed intruders. Sadly, even aggressive dogs can be drugged or poisoned. 

The presence of bona fide police officers on patrol is a more effective way to reduce crime throughout the entire neighborhood, including our sidewalks and streets.