Vacation Property Watch and Documentation

DHP officers make sure a property is secure when members are away from home.

During vacation patrols, DHP officers get OUT of the vehicle to inspect the house and grounds and ensure that everything is secure.

When members request a vacation patrol, the officers get out of the car and walk around the property to verify that everything is secure.

Our officers can document circumstances as they patrol and send members photographs of what they see on the property.

Officers can send photos directly to members.

The DHP officers use an iPhone application to quickly access members' information and vacation request records.

The DHP iPhone app allows officers to securely search the database. Member information is NOT stored on the phone.

Officers can browse the membership by street.

DHP officers can look up members via address or phone number.

Actual photo recorded by officer to document cars in member driveway while member was out of town. The officer included this photo in the visit report and would have emailed it to member if requested.

Actual vacation log available to member, including photographs of conditions on member's property.

Actual photo taken by officer of package on member's porch.

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