Independence Day Safety Alert
July 10th, 2017
Everyone is disturbed by the recent spate of crime in our area. The Druid Hills Patrol wants to help you maximize the security of your home and family especially during summer vacation season. DHP officers are scheduled to perform routine patrols and assist with July 4th parade. Please join in on this safe and fun neighborhood event.

1) Complete this checklist before going out of town.
  • Submit a vacation patrol request via the DHP website at Our officers will even send you pictures of your property while you are away.
  • Leave lights on or set a timer so that your home appears inhabited.
  • Stop all mail and deliveries, including your newspaper, while you are out of town.
  • Ask a trusted neighbor or friend to check on your residence while you are away.
2) "Harden the Target" - evaluate the physical security of your home and make modifications if necessary.
  • Ask the DHP officers to visit your property for a home security evaluation. They can spot vulnerabilities and common entry points. Just send an email to
  • Keep doors locked. Remind all family members and anyone working in your home to close and lock all doors.
  • Replace the short screws that came with your door locksets. Police recommend using 3" screws to secure the strike plate to the wall casing, if possible. This makes it much harder to force a door open.
  • Install lock pins in your first floor windows.
  • Use your alarm system consistently. Running to CVS or Starbucks for 10 minutes? Turn it on every time!
  • Activate the door-opened chime on your alarm system, or install bells on your doors.
  • Secure valuables out of sight. Don't leave purses, laptops and iPhones on kitchen counters or entry tables. Identify secure locations where they can be stored out of view from windows, and be consistent about storing them in those locations.
  • Don't keep valuable jewelry in predictable places.
  • Document and take pictures of your personal property in case you need to make an insurance claim.  Store the pictures on CD, flash drive or the Cloud (preferably in a location away from home).
  • Activate any "find my device" mechanism that is available for your computer, tablet or phone, so that police can assist you in locating it.
  • Record the serial number of your devices and be sure you keep a copy on paper in a secure place, i.e., NOT just on an electronic device that could be stolen. It is also wise to save a copy of the receipt for expensive items.
  • Items that are not stamped with a serial number can be engraved or marked with sharpie on an inconspicuous area. Use a coded number, NOT a social security number.
  • Remove valuables and bags from your cars. Laptops, purses, briefcases, backpacks, even shopping bags are attractive to thieves. Empty your cars or put everything in the trunk, and lock it up. Never leave anything in a convertible's trunk when the top is down unless you have activated an alarm system.
  • Request that deliveries be placed in a location on your property that is out of sight. Boxes left on the threshold at your front door are more likely to be stolen.
  • Don't advertise the contents of your home. After you have opened an HD TV or new computer, break down the boxes and place them in your trashcans. Better yet, break the boxes down and recycle them disguised in paper grocery bags or recycle off premises.
  • Verify that all the bulbs are functional in your exterior lighting, especially around doorways.
  • Trim shrubbery around windows and doors to eliminate hiding places for intruders.
3) Recruit your neighbors and friends to join the Druid Hills Patrol!
  • Our APD and DPD officers patrol in uniform, in direct communication with their departments via police radio.
  • They are dedicated to improving the security of our neighborhood, and the DHP iPhone and DHP app allow them to clearly demonstrate their accountability.
  • We can only increase the number of hours of the Patrol operates and comprehensive coverage of our neighborhood if we increase membership.
  • Your support of the Druid Hills Patrol will not only make your home and family safer, it will also enhance the safety of our entire neighborhood, including our streets and sidewalks.
  • Do your part to recruit more members! Read the "Why Join" pages on the DHP website and forward this link to your non-member neighbors and friends.
4) Report every incident to the Atlanta or DeKalb County Police Departments immediately.
  • Criminals appear to be observing the neighborhood in advance of their burglaries. You've seen an unfamiliar car cruising the neighborhood? Someone ran out of your yard as you drove in? You found property moved in your backyard? It doesn't matter if the perpetrator is no longer on site. Call 911. Not only is this information helpful to police investigations, but we will not receive increased police protection unless you notify police departments that there is a need for their services. They NEED to know.
5) Report every incident to the DHP after contacting the police.
  • Remember, the Patrol is NOT an emergency response organization. Our budget does not allow us to provide coverage 24/7. But we need to hear about everything that happens in the neighborhood to build an appropriate response and plan future coverage.
Be safe,
Lt. Tony Singh
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