Wave of crime
February 23rd, 2017
Druid Hills is once again experiencing a rash of car break-ins. 

While empty vehicles have sometimes been targeted, the best way to avoid damage or loss is to leave your car "clean," i.e., remove ALL PROPERTY from the vehicle whenever you leave it parked outside a secured garage. 

Thieves are particularly interested in the following items:
  • GPS devices 
  • MP3 players 
  • Laptop computers or cases 
  • Spare change 
  • Cameras 
  • Cell phones and chargers 
  • Shopping bags or boxes 
  • Backpacks, gym bags, purses and wallets
Don't even leave used/empty store bags in your vehicle. YOU may know they are empty, but a thief imagines valuable contents. Take EVERYTHING inside with you. A "clean" car is a safer car.

If you must secure property in your car trunk, it is safer to load the items into your trunk before you arrive at your destination so that no one there will observe you storing property.

Immediately report EVERY incident of suspicious activity to the Atlanta or DeKalb County Police Departments. You've seen an unfamiliar car cruising the neighborhood? Someone was driving slowly behind the UPS truck? You found something moved on your property? It doesn't matter if the perpetrator is no longer on site. Call 911.
Not only is this information helpful to police investigations, but we will not receive increased police protection unless you notify police departments that there is a need for their services. They NEED to know.
Report EVERY incident to the DHP after contacting the police.  Email the patrol at or leave a message at 404-373-1060.
Remember, the Patrol is NOT an emergency response organization. Our budget does not allow us to provide coverage 24/7. But we need to hear about everything that happens in the neighborhood to build an appropriate response and plan future coverage.
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