Several crime reports
December 22nd, 2016
The Patrol has learned of additional car break-ins in the neighborhood. We cannot emphasize enough how important it is that we leave NOTHING in our vehicles.  No gym bags, backpacks, empty Macy's shopping bags, NOTHING. Warn your children and any visitors to empty their vehicles. Sometimes even "clean cars" are entered, but the best defense to car break-ins is always emptying our vehicles.

We also learned about an attempted burglary at a recently renovated home. Fortunately, the thieves were incompetent and unsuccessful, the alarm blared and the police were called. 

This incident reminds us that neighbors who know each other and are in contact with each other increase the security of the neighborhood. If you haven't already done so, get acquainted with your neighbors. Exchange phone numbers and email addresses. Make note of the kind of cars they drive. Let them know when you will be out of town. Contact them if you see anything out of the ordinary at their property.

The Druid Hills Patrol logo states "Reliable and Vigilant." That is the credo of our officers, but everyone in our community needs to be vigilant. Many Druid Hills Patrol residents don't realize that the DeKalb and Atlanta police departments offer NO ROUTINE PATROLLING WHATSOEVER. Between staffing challenges and budget limitations, our police departments are limited to 911 response, and even that can be overwhelmed at times.

Some members also do not realize that the Druid Hills Patrol does not operate 24/7. Our hours are much more limited, but we could increase the only regular patrols by bona fide police officers (DHP) in our neighborhood if we increased membership. YOU can help by encouraging neighbors to join the Druid Hill Patrol. They can learn more by visiting the DHP website at or the DHP Facebook page at

We welcome your comments and participation. Email us at
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